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Budget Committee
This committee works on the proposed budget foe the year and finalizes it with the Board members

Meeting schedule : if regular( meet every month) or seasonal ( i.e election/budget etc..) Commence meeting in Q3 or Q4 post audit on an ad hoc basis

Meeting information : Zoom link or any other details of where/how the committees meet closed - budget will be shared with entire community for comment after it is rolled forward from prior year.

Contact Information : How can any member get in touch with this committee ( it can be group email, email of the chair or any member of the committee that you would like to publish)

How to Join : Information on what a member needs to do if they want to join a given committee Committee is closed. If someone resigns we will take additional members. Budget will be shared with entire community after it is rolled forward.

Upcoming events

Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association

P.O. Box 62

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