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Membership Fees - 2019

Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing
Renew your membership before it expires on March 31st

Full Membership - (Access to all LPPOA Offerings)

Join Full Membership

Early Bird $440 (join by March 31)

Receive a picture badge for every member of the household (children under 5 receive a child badge without a picture) plus two (2) guest badges. In all cases a family membership shall consist of a minimum of six (6) badges.

A family of one (1) receives one (1) picture badge & five (5) guest badges
A family of two (2) receives two (2) picture badges & four (4) guest badges
A family of three(3) receives three (3) picture badges & three (3) guest badges
A family of four (4) receives four (4) picture badges & two (2)guest badges
A family of five (5) receives five (5) picture badges & two (2) guest badges
A family of six (6) receives six (6) picture badges & two (2) guest badges

Early Bird $245 (join by March 31)

Receive one (1) picture badge.

SENIOR MEMBERSHIP (65+) - $140.00 
Early Bird $130.00 (join by March 31)

Receive one (1) picture badge, at a reduced rate, for members 65 years of age or older on date of purchase. Proof of age is required for new members or members converting to Senior. 

*NEW MEMBERS - $20.00 Administration Fee


GUEST BADGE - $40.00 each 

A guest badge can be used to bring a guest to Lake Parsippany. The guest must not live within Lake Parsippany (i.e. a non-Lake resident). Guest badges can be used over and over throughout the membership year. A membership may purchase one (1) or two (2) guest badges and a family membership may not have more than 5 guest badges at any time.

REPLACEMENT BADGE - $10.00 each 

Badges are kept from year to year and validation stickers are used to renew memberships. If one or more badges are lost, a fee is charged to replace each lost badge.

BOAT TAG - $10.00  each

A boat tag is required for any craft on Lake Property including sail boats, canoes, kayaks, windsurfers, etc. The boat tag must be placed above the water line. See the Rules and Regulations for more information on boating regulations.

PARKING PERMIT - 2 FREE permits, $1.00 for each additional or lost permit 

A parking permit is required to park in any Lake Parsippany parking lot. The permit is validated yearly and hangs from your rear view mirror.

Basic Membership - (Limited Access)

You must own property included as one of the original purchase tract or, original field map area for Lake Parsippany to qualify. 

Basic Members in good standing' are defined as members who have paid the basic membership dues, assessments, fines, late payment charges, collection costs and are in compliance with all By-Laws, Rules, Regulations and Policies of LPPOA. Basic Members shall have limited access to Lake Parsippany property, but no further membership privileges.

Limited access includes, but is not strictly limited to:

1 basic membership badge, clubhouse rentals at the member rate, access to non-fenced green areas excluding the boat house and immediate surrounding property, general boating via use of the Freneau boat ramp only (requires purchase of a boat tag) shoreline fishing, fishing club and fishing events, access to children's swim Lessons (for an additional fee), access to certain lake and clubhouse activities (for an additional fee), and eligibility to participate in the Hub Lakes sports activities (for an additional fee).

Basic membership exclusions, but not limited to are: Guest badges, use or entrance to any fenced property except during pre-determined special events, any swimming or use of beaches, any use of the boat house, use of any boat trees, use of any boat ramps other than Freneau, mooring of boats anywhere on the lake, shoreline boat storage, use of sailing club or kayak club vessels, access to any clubs, parking in any lot other than the clubhouse during an event, any voting privileges.

Any property owner in the original purchase tract can choose to become a full member rather than a basic member to gain complete access to all privileges.

Basic Membership Fee - $115.00

Basic Membership - (Limited Access)

Join Basic Membership

The acceptance of this membership is with the full understanding that the use of the lake, services, equipment and facilities of the LPPOA is at the user's risk. User does hereby release and discharge the LPPOA, its agents, officers and employees from any and all claims, demands or actions arising out of the use or intended use of the lake, facilities services or equipment, including without limitation, any claim for personal injuries, resulting from or arising out of the negligence of the LPPOA, its agents, officers or employees. I understand that by signing this application, I will abide by the LPPOA Bylaws and Rules and Regulations, and agree to follow them under penalty of loss of privileges.


Member name, address, phone number and email address will be shared with the committee, club and sports chairpersons unless otherwise directed. 

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