Darts Team


Hub Lakes Dart League.

We welcome any new shooters to the dart club.

Matches are scheduled for Friday nights during January, February and March.


 If you are interested in joining our team.

Contact: Randy Vyskocil rjvysk@aol.com



Hub Lakes Dart Schedule 2017

 Jan 13
Cedar@Rock Ridge Rainbow@Indian Lake Par@Arrowhead  White Meadow@Bye
 Jan 20
Lake Par@Indian Rainbow@White Meadow  Arrowhead@Rock Ridge Cedar@Bye
Jan 27
Arrowhead@Cedar  Lake Par@Rainbow White Meadow@Indian Rock Ridge@Bye
Feb 3
Indian@Cedar  Rainbow@Rock Ridge Arrowhead@White Meadow Lake Par@Bye
Feb 10
Lake Par@Rock Ridge
Indian@Arrowhead  Cedar@White Meadow  Rainbow@Bye
Feb 17
(BYE) (BYE)  (BYE)  (BYE)
Feb 24
Indian@Rock Ridge Cedar@Rainbow Lake Par@White Meadow Arrowhead@Bye
Mar 3
Rainbow@Arrowhead LakePar@Cedar Rock Ridge@White Meadow Indian@Bye



Playoff–Top 4 teams make playoffs.1 seed willplay4 seed and 2 seed will play 3 seed. Higher seed will hostgame. If higher seed does not have a board, then an agreed upolocation will be determined.


Firsplayoff games date –1Mar 2017

Championship date – 17 Mar 2017


Schedule andstatisticswillalsobetrackedhere:http://www.yourleaguestats.com/darts/hub/index.php